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Moving Checklist

Our pre-move, moving abroad checklist guides you through many of the necessary tasks that need to be carried out before departure. Please use these international moving tips, but if you have any further questions then your dedicated move manager will be happy to help.

Removal Arrangements

  • Confirm the removal date with Gosselin
  • Ensure you have the name and phone number of your Gosselin 'Move Manager'
  • Supply forwarding contact details to Gosselin
  • Inform Gosselin of parking arrangements at your home
  • Prepare a valuation for insurance
  • Photocopy important documents; passports, driving licences, permits, visas, birth/marriage certificates, vaccinations, flights etc

Personal Arrangements

  • Check permits required: i.e. resident, work, visa
  • Confirm passports are valid
  • Check driving documentation required
  • Book travel arrangements and overseas accommodation
  • Obtain invoices for new purchases
  • Advise your doctor and dentist, obtain medical records or certificates for your new doctor / dentist at destination
  • Get vaccinations to comply with health regulations in new country
  • Advise your solicitor, bank and building society
  • Cancel appropriate credit and debit cards
  • Arrange banking facilities in your new country
  • If a UK national, inform the pension service part of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and Inland Revenue before your move
  • Cancel household bills and subscriptions to magazines, clubs etc
  • Advise Post Office, re-direct mail
  • Notify the council and electoral register
  • Notify children's school, obtain letter about children's status
  • Check regulations for pets travelling


  • Personal accident and medical insurance (yourself and family)
  • Marine or transit insurance for household effects and possessions being moved and shipped to destination country
  • Notify all insurance companies
  • Items of great value should be itemised and special insurance taken out

Just before you Move

  • Request final gas, electricity and water accounts
  • Cancel home deliveries such as milk, newspapers etc
  • Arrange for mains services to be disconnected / changed over
  • Arrange electrician to disconnect relevant light fittings etc
  • Confirm your time of arrival at destination with relatives/friends and Move Manager
  • Ensure you have the expected arrival date of your shipment at destination
  • Put to one side all personal items that you will carry with you (i.e. passports, documents)
  • Keep to hand keys for suitcases / trunks

On Moving Day

  • Arrange to be at the house for arrival of the Gosselin packing team
  • Walk through the house with team-leader, indicate items to be packed and moved, items that need to go by air or sea, so that we can work out the best order of work. Remember to include garage, shed, attic, cellar
  • Before the shipment is loaded, review the packing list, double-check that numbers on the boxes/packages correspond to the numbers shown on the movers' packing list
  • Before the removal staff leave, walk through the house with the team-leader checking all areas, cupboards have been cleared
  • Verify and sign the packing list
  • Supervise final house cleaning
  • Lock all doors and windows

International moving tips and moving abroad checklist from Gosselin.