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Group Moves

Group Move Management

Supporting Your Business Projects

Alongside the thousands of individual moves we manage every year, Gosselin specialises in assisting organisations that have group moves.

We understand that a group move is a business critical decision, which must be planned and executed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Poor management of a group move can have a highly negative impact on employees and therefore the business as a whole.

Gosselin has vast experience in the management and coordination of successful group moves and can provide a full range of planning and support services, for the HR team and individual employees, to ensure the staff move is conducted smoothly. A group move will involve explaining to affected employees the benefits of moving to a new location, and as this can be a stressful and uncertain time for employees and families, a successful group move must be built on sound planning and frequent communication.

Planning and Communications

We can assist with every aspect of the proposed move. At the HR department level this may involve conducting an employee needs analysis and producing cost projections for the move, recommending the support services to be provided taking into account the original and new work locations (for instance, is the move from a low cost of living area, to a high cost of living area?) and developing a communications plan.

Once the planning stage has been completed and reviewed, we are normally introduced to affected staff, and we then work with the individual employees to ensure their relocations are conducted smoothly and they settle into their new location quickly, through our comprehensive range of destination services. We keep you informed of the progress of each move through regular updates and frequent management reporting.