Employee Relocation London To Sydney

Gosselin is an expert in managing employee relocation, London to Sydney.

We appoint an experienced move manager who is your point of contact throughout the entire process. The move manager coordinates the relocation from start to finish, arranging the pre-move survey, (where a Gosselin estimator will survey the goods for removal) packing dates, (where the Gosselin crew pack and remove goods) transportation to destination, (via Air or Sea as appropriate) customs clearance in Australia and delivery to selected Sydney address. The move manager is available throughout to answer any questions regarding your move and to assist with any customs queries. Click here for Australian customs information.

Transit Times to Sydney
UK international removals London to Sydney are transported either by sea or air. Please see below approximate door-to-door transit times for both modes of transport:

AIR: 10-14 days door-to-door*
SEA: 45-54 days door-to-door*

*These times are subject to no major delays during vessel sailing and customs clearance at destination.

About Sydney

Sydney is fast becoming one of the world's most desirable locations. Despite it's rightful status as a huge city (population is almost 5 million) Sydney's cleanliness, space and green areas combine to make it far less urban and suffocating than many global cities. It is smart, clean, contains amazing landmarks and for the most part, is blessed with fantastic weather.

Alongside the famous attractions such as the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour, the Rocks and Bondi Beach, Sydney hosts superb museums, shopping opportunities, beautiful beaches as well as many sporting venues. Sydney's popularity means that UK international removals London to Sydney are extremely common and leaves the city a very long way from the penal colony established by Great Britain in 1788.

Alongside its beauty, Sydney has developed a very successful economy over time, evidenced by the towering skyscrapers that dominate the skyline. Sydney's economic position has grown from a leading Asian-Pacific economy to a leading global economy, helped in particular by successful industries such as trading and finance.

Contact Us
If you require a quotation for your international move to Sydney or any of the global destinations that Gosselin serve, email london@gosselin-moving.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 7622 4393.