Employee Relocation London To Singapore

Established in 1870, Gosselin has co-ordinated employee relocation, London to Singapore for over a century.

For all UK international removals London to Singapore, an experienced move manager acts as a single point of co-ordination so that our customers can relax. The move manager organises all aspects of the move, including the pre-move survey, packing, transportation, customs clearance in Singapore and delivery to storage or Singapore address. The move manager is free to answer any questions regarding the move and to assist with any customs queries. Click here for Singapore customs requirements.

Transit Times to Singapore
International removals London to Singapore use either air or sea freight transport. Please see approximate door-to-door transit times for both modes of transport:

AIR: 10-14 days door-to-door*
SEA: 27-36 days door-to-door*

*These times are subject to no major delays during vessel sailing and customs clearance at destination.

About Singapore

Singapore is a modern city-state that combines modernity and economic advance with nearly 200 years of South East Asian tradition. Huge skyscrapers tower above colonial buildings to provide a constant reminder of times past and present.

Singapore is situated just off the Southern part of Malaysia and was under colonial rule following Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles arrival in 1819. Raffles saw Singapore as a perfect trading post and to this day there are still many reminders of Raffle's influence, not least the architecture and the impressive Raffles Hotel which attracts tourists by the thousand.

The island became a republic in 1965 and has since experienced increased economic growth and success, demonstrated by Singapore's impressive Central Business District. The island is a popular expatriate destination and expect to meet many other individuals and families who have conducted international removals London to Singapore.

Singapore's cultural mix is fantastic - it combines Malay, Indian and Chinese ethnic groups as well as a sprinkling of Europeans - meaning that downtown Singapore still retains some fascinating residential pockets such as Chinatown, the Arab Quarter and Little India.

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