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Going the
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Our Values

Gosselin is committed to a core set of values which underpin our beliefs. These values form the basis of our FAMPLUS accreditation and are designed to be displayed by our teams each and every day...

  • Quality
    We are committed to service excellence and have an ISO defined quality management system in place. Performance on an individual and team basis is subjected to constant assessment, to ensure continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

    To achieve this, the company conducts regular defined audits of all functions and processes of the business which impact on quality. Audit findings, strengths and weaknesses and resulting action if required are summarised and circulated.

  • Responsibility
    Our position as a leading provider of global relocation services brings with it a lot of responsibility, which we fully understand. We are supporting individuals and families during times of change, uncertainty, worry and stress. Our dedicated Corporate and Social Responsibility policy and Code of Ethics is applied to all transactions and available to our employees, customers and suppliers.

  • Compliance
    Financial and reputational risk attached to non-compliance is simply too costly to ignore, and self-certification of compliance by specialist suppliers such as international moving and relocation firms like Gosselin is no longer an adequate response. Gosselin is proud of its compliance efforts, including reporting of all non conformances, complaints or service failures. Gosselin’s extensive global partner network is not only Accredited and Audited, but Every Partner is Risk and Compliance monitored.

  • Continuous Improvement
    Gosselin is one of the world’s longest established and most respected relocation companies. However, we combine our history and experience with a very real focus on the present and future. We are focused on the increased importance of technology to support relocation services, hence our investment in an in-house IT team and cutting edge technology; we understand that customer satisfaction is not granted free of charge, hence our appointment of dedicated client account managers and field managers whom spot check our crews and consultants; and we understand that a process-driven quality management system is the only way to ensure full and proper control on our service delivery.