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Going the
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Our Clients

Over 60% of Gosselin’s clients have been customers for more than 10 years!

Our objective at Gosselin is not just to meet, but to exceed customer expectations. We firmly believe in long term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, and this can only be achieved by a complete focus on our people, our processes and our partners.


We serve clients across a broad spectrum;

  • Multinational Corporations, ranging from SME’s through to Fortune 500 companies
  • Discerning Private Customers
  • Fine Art and Antique Providers

One thing that remains constant across all of Gosselin’s customers is our desire, and our client’s expectation, for best-in-class international relocation services.


Our customers require support in all global regions. Whether it be in established marketplaces such as North America, Europe and Asia or emerging markets in South America and Africa, they need a solution. We rely on the skill and experience of our team and our accredited global network to deliver these solutions on a daily basis.


We have decades of experience in supporting clients across various industry verticals; from IT to construction, from oil & gas to education, from engineering to law. Whilst our relocation services remain consistent, we understand the various nuances that a particular industry brings.


All of our clients receive a service offering designed to meet their specific needs. We do not simply offer a one-size-fits-all solution; we instead analyse our client’s environment, offer improvement suggestions based on experience and situation, then implement globally. You can see our client consultation services for full details.