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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our responsibility as an employer

  • Our corporate commitment is to act professionally, fairly and with integrity to all employees
  • Employees are provided with all information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to best carry out their work, on an ongoing basis
  • The work environment for all employees is safe and without risk to health and that adequate provision is made with regards to the facilities and arrangements assisting employee welfare at work

Our environmental responsibility

  • Our packaging, marketing and office materials are sourced from recycled materials and then recycled after use where possible
  • All our cardboard and paper materials are produced from sustainable resources; they are recyclable, non-bleached and bio-degradable
  • Timber, where it is used for shipping cases, crates and other applications, is treated and certified to meet International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) in accordance with the requirements of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) adopted by many countries
  • Our road vehicles run on diesel with low CO2 filters, and new vehicle purchases have low emissions
  • We adopt minimum road time for all storage requirements. Once goods are stored, they stay in one place until they are needed again

Our community responsibility

  • We comply with or exceed national legislation wherever we work
  • We ensure our employee and environmental policies (above) do not negatively impact the community, UK or abroad
  • We maintain an honest and professional dialogue with the wider community
  • Donations to local UK charities and global transportation and environmental charities

Compliance to best practices

  • We work to the quality management principles of ISO 9001:2015, including FIDI-FAIM and BS EN 12522-1-2:1998
  • We are committed to implementing an environmental management system, accredited to ISO 14001, to control our impact on the environment.