Gosselin Announce SOLAS Compliance

27 June, 2016

In response to the SOLAS convention requirements for certified gross mass weighing of sea-containers from 01 July 2016, Gosselin is pleased to announce that the United Kingdom ports are SOLAS VGM compliant in readiness for containers loading to vessels on or after 01 July.

Over recent months, the various port companies have invested in the necessary weighing equipment at all main ports, and the supporting technology to facilitate shippers’ requests for terminal (port) weighing of the container prior to being shipped on board the export vessel.

There are two organisations managing the software technology which facilitates the communication of shippers’ weighing instructions and the resulting verified gross mass (VGM). These systems cover the ports of Southampton, London Gateway, Felixstowe, London Tilbury, Liverpool, Bristol, Teesport, Immingham, Greenock, and Grangemouth.

Gosselin Limited is pleased to be a registered user of both systems, and has been issued with the requisite VGM ‘badge’ issued by both organisations. This identifies Gosselin to both the port and the shipping line as the shipper responsible for the VGM and the resulting weighing fee billed by the applicable port company.

We are pleased to confirm that Gosselin Limited UK has also registered for the second method of providing the VGM, known as Method 2, whereby each piece / package is individually weighed on approved scales, with the total consignment weight then added to the registered ‘tare’ weight of the container. This method of weighing has been approved by the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency, and will tend to be reserved for commercial case-packed cargoes where we are required to certify the ‘scale’ weight for our export shipper clients.

For further information on SOLAS and sea container weighing, please contact london@gosselin-moving.com